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Shared by the Australian pro surfer Jay "Bottle" Thompson (there is no one better to tell you how to catch a wave in a crowded lineup than someone from the Gold Coast), soul surfer Keith Malloy, super human Laird Hamilton, Indo skipper Klaus Baumgartner, survival expert Xavier  Rosset, Daniel Burrows (who knows tropical diseases like no one else), shaper David Kingdon, zen expert and Mavericks hero Shawn Dollar, big wave maniac Mark Healey, Iceland local Runar Omarsson, Malaria expert Dr Susanne Pechel, shark scientist Dr Erich Ritter, surf legend Layne Beachley, serial killer expert Stephan Harbort (who told us everything about serial killers), Liz Clark (who is sailing and surfing alone around the world), Tom "traveling without a cent" Thumb, Yoga guru Roland Wimbush, wave discoverer Antony Colas and many more.

And of course our unlucky fellow Claudius Danesitz - without his many misfortunes the idea for this book might have never evolved!

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Daria Malek

Being a passionate snowboarder, it was only a matter of time until she tried surfing. Even though her experiences on a surfboard only include a few white water rides at Portuguese beach breaks, the 26 year old is looking forward to her next surf trip. Thanks to her work on this book, she now knows that she will be prepared for anything that could happen on the road or in the water.

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Melanie & Stephan Bernhard

The couple lives in Capbreton, just around the corner from La Piste, one of the best waves on the French Atlantic coast. But they have not forgotten how it is to be a land-locked surfer living more than 1000 kilometers from the nearest beach: For many years, their local break was the Eisbach river wave in Munich, Germany, and they had to invest every minute and cent to get to the ocean. On their many surf trips around the world, they did not only score great waves but also got skunked at times:  Sending their best friend straight into heart surgery after a fin cut on his shin turned into a fast growing hatchery for aggressive bacteria, was only the tip of the iceberg. Less dramatic but more painful were their encounters with poisonous fish, malicious sandflys and corrupt cops. Their motto: Why should every surfer learn from their own mistakes – isn’t it enough if someone else already made them? That’s why the two journalists interviewed surf pros, tropical doctors, crime experts and professional adventurers to share their knowledge for the Surf Trip Survival Guide.

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