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10 reasons why you need this book

1. It saves you from danger

Or do you really know the possible consequences of an infected reef cut? I didn't have a clue when I returned from a surf trip with a friend and had to carry him from the airport straight to the hospital. My buddy didn't look good at that point: His body was shaking due to high fever, his bandage was soaked with blood and he was too weak to walk. If we had known a bit more about tropical infections, we could have easily avoided this life-threatening situation!

2. It upgrades your surf trip

Have you ever seen perfect waves breaking in front of you but you were feeling too weak to paddle out there? Any surfer who doesn't live close to the ocean has to deal with situations like these! Even Australians, like Roland Wimbush, who lived and worked in the French Alps for years and could only go surfing during his holidays. He hated it and had to learn how to train his body so he would never again be too weak for a session. He told us all about his magic training!

3. You get more surf time

Ever skipped dawn patrol because you partied to much the night before? We tested a whole bunch of hangover remedies so that you can still party and make it to the early morning lineup.

4. You have help when you are lost

You probably didn't think it's possible to get washed ashore on a deserted island – but what if it really happens? Xavier Rosset has spent 300 days without any help in a situation like this. He tells you how you can make it, too.

BONUS:  You do something good.

1% of the book's sales will be donated to SurfAid International.

5. It saves you from pain

Today it’s not a big deal to step on a weever, one of these malicious fish that burry themselves in the sand close to the shore waiting to drive their poisonous stingers into your foot. But some years ago I didn't know that putting your foot into hot water for five minutes would kill the pain. A remedy that could have saved me from the most unnecessary pain in my life!

6. It awakens your adventurous spirit

Antony Colas, one of the authors of the legendary Stormrider Guides, has already searched for waves in countries most of us didn't know they even existed. He told us the perfect destinations – from a 48 hour trip to an endless adventure. Follow his footprints – if you have the balls to do so...

7. It's your protection against rip-offs

They lurk everywhere and are waiting for you or another surfing tourist: Sneaky surf shop owners that have polished their oldest board to sell it to you as the “magic board”. We asked a shaper to tell us how to recognize if a board really is what the seller promises.

8. You will surf better

We won't explain you the secrets of how to stick an aerial or how to ride the perfect tube, but we will tell you how to outgrow yourself and ride bigger and gnarlier waves than ever before. The only thing between you and riding the barrel of your life is your own fear.

9. It tells you the truth

Is it true that the lineups on Australia's Gold Coast are so crowded you don't get any waves? What happens to a female surfer that travels the world alone? What do you do if you get attacked by a shark? We have asked surfers and experts that know all the answers to these questions and more!

10. It can do more

These were only nine of over 100 tips that will make your next surf trip the best one of your life!